Food risks associated with ciguatoxins:


monitoring and tracking the toxins and toxin-producing organisms in marine ecosystems

The project

The project sets the following General objectives:

Evaluation of the spatio-temporal dynamics of ciguatera-causing dinoflagellates in the Canary Islands (Atlantic) and the Balearic Islands (Mediterranean).

Determination of CTX profiles and how these change in the ecosystems during passage through different levels within the food webs.

Characterization of CTX bioaccumulation and toxicity through controlled exposure of fish.

To make an integrated assessment of ciguatera risk, based on Gambierdiscus/Fukuyoa species abundances and CTX profiles and their transformation in the ecosystem, in order to advise the fishing production sector and protect the consumer in relation to ciguatera in the Balearic and the Canary Islands.

The team

A close collaboration

The project is based on a close collaboration already established between four groups: IRTA and CSIC-IDAEA (subpj. 1), and IUSA and BEA (subpj 2). The groups comprise consolidated researchers with recognized experience in the areas of the marine environment, microalgae and algal toxins; their locations close to the two study areas and their complementary skills assure the feasibility and success of the multi-disciplinary work needed.

News and events

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Ciguarisk 2nd meeting

Ciguarisk 2nd meeting

The 2º meeting of the CIGUARISK’s Project “Risk characterization of ciguatera food poisoning in Europe” was online, on December 16th 2020. The main objective of the meeting was to follow up the work done within the 5 work packages since the beginning of the project on...

KICK-OFF Meeting

KICK-OFF Meeting

The kick-off meeting of the CIGUARISK’s Project “Risk characterization of ciguatera food poisoning in Europe” was online, on July 23rd 2020. The four institutions (IRTA, CSIC-IDAEA, ULPGC-IUSA and ULPGC-BEA) attended the meeting, with the participation of two...

News 4

News 4

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This project receives funding from the «R + D + I Projects» RETOS INVESTIGACIÓN «program of the General Directorate of Scientific and Technical Research, General Subdirectorate of Research Projects (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, AEI, FEDER).

Project references – PID2019-108781RR-C21 -PID2019 108781RR C22

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