Deliverables and scientific publications


WP# D# Title
WP1 D1.1. Description of the spatio-temporal distribution of Gambierdiscus and Fukuyoa in the Balearic Islands and “hotspots” of the Canary Islands
  D1.2. HTS metabarcoding to identify and quantify the different species of ciguatera-causing dinoflagellates setted-up.
WP2 D2.1. Identification and quantification of  CTXs in water through SPATT bag devices and in different species of seafood  in the environment and their transformation through the food web
WP3 D3.1. Determination of the identification and quantification of CTX profiles and their toxicities and bioaccumulation rates after controlled dietary exposure of fish. Effects of CTX in fish behaviour and immunology.
WP4 D4.1. Model of CTX in food web and Risk assessment including data base
WP5 D5.1. Annual technical and financial reports
  D5.2. Initial Flyer for dissemination of the project objectives
  D5.3. CIGUARISK website
  D5.4. Press notes release
  D5.5. Final brochure with guidelines for stakeholders


Scientific publications

Accumulation of C-CTX1 in Muscle Tissue of Goldfish 1 (Carassius auratus) by Dietary Experience

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